Big Brother V1.1

The Future of large format industrial 3D Printing.

Remove size constraints and unlock design freedom for big solutions.

Larger Than life

Big Brother V1.1 was made for the big league with 1.2m motion in every direction resulting in over 1.7m³ of printing volume. Big Brother V1.1 is equipped with industrial servo motors, linear rails and ball screws ensuring precise and repeatable manufacturing.

Rapid Production

Large industrial components can now be produced in a matter of hours by combining fast feed rates and high material flow rates. Big Brother V1.1 achieves feed rates up to 300mm/s and can extrude up to 5kg/hour.

Made For Modularity

Big Brother V1.1 is fundamentally designed to be modular with the ability to introduce features and functions as they are developed. We also support third party equipment integration and will soon introduce hybrid manufacturing functionality.

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See our tech
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Big brother V1.2
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