Custom & Bespoke Systems

The Future of large format and automated industrial manufacturing.


The sky’s the Limit

At Amnova, we pride ourselves on developing unique and bespoke systems for our clients. We can customise our existing systems or create entirely new systems that meet client requirements. There’s nothing we won’t develop!

Not just Additive

Our tech dev solutions are not limited to just additive manufacturing technologies. We can assist in developing any systems that involve automation and manufacturing unrelated to 3D Printing.

Software & Systems

Amnova will offer a full stack system solution. We will offer everything from system conceptualisation, to POC, to mechanical, electrical and software development to meet your particular system requirements.

What can we do?

Modify our existing systems – such as Big Brother V1.1 – to meet client requirements.

Produce custom 3D Printers from scratch to client spec.

Build systems of any size. We can build systems over 2000 x 2000 x 6000mm in build volume.

Produce heavy duty systems that can output over 84kg/hour of industrial thermoplastic.

Develop hybrid systems that merge several production processes into a single device for your specific production needs.

Integrate third party technologies and software into our systems.

Amnova is introducing internal software development capacity. We will offer full stack system software development services to support our custom hardware development services.

Bespoke System Case Study

Amnova developed and manufactured a bespoke binder jetting 3D Printing system for Future Water Labs – a UCT Civil Engineering initiative for the sustainable usage and treatment of water.

The development was sponsored by Anglo Gold Ashanti and is designed to produce microbially induced CaCO3 bio-tiles avoiding the usage of high temperatures involved in conventional tile manufacturing.

Amnova designed and developed the mechanical, electrical and software components of the system.

This project demonstrates Amnova’s ability to develop novel deep tech beyond traditional additive manufacturing systems. Our years of experience building industrial machinery enables us to design and fabricate new and unexplored technologies. 

Interested in a Custom/Bespoke System?

Connect with our team to learn more about our system development capabilities and how we can build manufacturing systems fit for purpose.